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trail running

Trail Running is the meeting point between sporting passion and love for Nature. Even before being a sport, it is a philosophy, an opportunity to enrich competition through the rediscovery of values such as friendship, sharing, respect for the environment, knowledge of the territory. A unique experience, aimed at developing the Spirit Trail made of emotions, feelings and passion that make the Trail Running a unique and winning discipline from all points of view.


Far from any competitive ambitions, it is possible to try out the same routes as the races by doing Trekking, without the weight of the competition, to leave room for observation of the places you cross. There are routes of different lengths to encourage the participation of people with little training.

guided tours

Designed to encourage the participation of families, guided tours allow everyone to visit the Urban Centers and Nature Reserves within which the race routes wind.

trail junior

Where environmental conditions make it possible, we obtain a competition route dedicated to the youngest, to bring them closer to our fascinating discipline. The boys challenge each other in respect of the rules of sport and, above all, in respect for nature.

doggy trail

It is an opportunity that allows the participation of the whole family, including our four-legged friends. Participants are involved in a walk in which they have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our forests with a really special teammate: their dog!





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