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asd ecotrailsicilia

The ASD EcotrailSicilia, in collaboration with ACSI and with the sponsorship of Dipartimento Sviluppo Rurale e Territoriale della Regione Siciliana, organizes sporting events that include activities of Trail Running, Trekking and guided excursions in the Parks and Natural Reserves of Sicily.
The purpose of the event are:
- promoting respect for the environment;
- promoting and protect the territory;
- promoting the development of forms of sustainable tourism oriented to the knowledge of territorial characteristics;
- promoting the social, economic and natural components for the benefit of local populations;
- promoting local handicraft, agricultural and gastronomic products;
- help to creating the conditions for the promotion of a new entrepreneurship oriented towards the conservation of nature and the recovery of local historical assets;
- promoting cultural exchange between the local realities involved in the organization of the various stages of the event;
- promoting initiatives of solidarity.

Beyond Sport

Ecotrailsicilia goes beyond Sport, representing a new opportunity that identifies, in the activities carried out, one of the best ways of promoting knowledge and respect of nature and promoting historical, cultural and human resources of territory
In concrete terms, ASD EcotrailSicilia, at every appointment in the calendar, takes care of:
- inserting, as an integral part of the Regulation, the rules governing behaviour in parks,
- putting the competitive side of the race in the background to highlight the opportunity to create a contact as close as possible with nature;
- promoting the knowledge of the places where the event takes place, through a meeting, the day before each stage, between the participants and the connoisseurs of the territory;
- promoting the knowledge of local gastronomic traditions and local businesses, offering a race pack consisting of food and/or local crafts products. Also the prizes for the best placing in the race are realized with the same criteria.
- stimulating the participation of Trail runners' families through guided hikes and other activities oriented to the knowledge of places of historical, naturalistic and environmental interest;
- entering into agreements with accommodation facilities to facilitate the stay of participants, encouraging tourism.


Our motto is “Nature always wins”. The trail runner does not challenge nature, he/she accepts his/her limits in front of it in the awareness of the risks that it may present. Nature must be respected as it hosts us giving us the opportunity to live our passion for sport.
All participants deserve the same respect regardless of their athletic abilities.
Regulation is applied in the same way to all participants.
The participation of trail runners and walkers must be spontaneous and conscious, and must not be forced in any way. The organizer limits himself to making every effort to promote Ecotrailsicilia by informing as many people as possible about the activity, and leaving the choice free.
The organizer of a Ecotralsicilia event does not use his own event and his members as a “trading commodity” to increase participation.
The value of the event lies mainly in the positive messages it disseminates and in the technical quality of the organization. Ecotrailsicilia do not use arguments like “rich race pack” or“pasta party free” to attract participants.
Ecotrailsicilia makes every effort to spread sports-related values, such as fair play and respect for the rules. Although it is a recreational activity, Ecotrailsicilia can (must!) be used to promote a sense of legality.





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