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We are ready to start with the thirteenth edition of Ecotralsicilia

In these twelve years of activity, we have recorded in our stages more than 22.000 participants and we have made them cover approximately 5.000 km on the Sicilian paths.

We invented a new way to enhance the territory in Sicily, we did it with conscience, trying to give to these numbers, not only an arithmetic value, but a specific weight.

The specific weight that comes from making each of the participants, not a number to brag about because we are good at “bringing people”, but an ally in supporting our project.

A project that does not remain on the paper, does not remain a good intention written in the regulation but materializes in all those actions that distinguish us from the others that make trails in Sicily.

Our valorization of the territory is real, our promotion of the rules of sport is real, our aggregation is always real, conscious and spontaneous.

We would therefore like to thank all our allies who in recent years have made possible this long, hard and wonderful (just like the trail) journey.

Trail runners, walkers, volunteers, administrators, sponsors, simple enthusiasts, journalists, photographers and all those who have been able to read inside us and to perceive the specific weight of the numbers. In 2020 you will find some news, but one thing will not change: our Trail Spirit, the one that derives from the spirit of the Mountain and that we are committed to honoring, that one made of respect, consistency, loyalty, few words and actions.

We are like this: #noisiamoecotrailsicilia See you next February 9th at Palazzo Adriano for the Trail dei Sicani.


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