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free trails

Participation is free, open to all and in complete self-sufficiency.

No ranking will be drawn up.

The route will not be marked.

There will be some volunteers leading a group of fast runners, a group of slow runners, and a group of walkers.

For the owners of a GPS device, will be provided the GPS track.

Since it is a free activity, there will be no basic services of competitive events (refreshments, medical assistance, judges, timekeeping, etc.) and everyone will be responsible for their own person.

However, compliance with the basic rules of environmental reserves is recommended.



  • 29th March: Trail di Pizzo Manolfo (8/18 km)
  • 25th April: Trail della Pizzuta (9/20 km)
  • 10th May: Trail di Monte Pellegrino (6/11 km)
  • 31st May: Trail di Monte Gallo (8 km)
  • 14th June: Trail di San Martino (10/18 km)


Chiamaci per maggiori info:

+39 392 6393631